New Work

New Creation

Within this series, I explore the frequencies of creation, through color, light, imagery and pattern/placement of symbolic imagery. As we come out the other side of major institutional collapse, awaiting new structures and forms to be established, it is my belief that if we hold the frequencies of love, compassion and oneness, New Creation will reflect interconnection.  If we create from a fundamental belief that we are all one, equal, and interdependent, we can truly nourish the birth and fruition of a Golden Age.

Gateways & Pathways

This Series reflects the changing times as we are forcibly moved into the Age of Aquarius ~ which will include huge changes upon the planet and the structures/institutions that govern humanity.  A global pandemic has forced humans to go into seclusion, recognize the deeper impacts of the destructive and superficial beliefs that have governed our daily lives.  It is a spiritual crisis of sorts, and an opportunity to move into expanded perspectives and actions that will arise from our compassionate Self/Selves. My visions show up as doorways, protection symbols, as encouragement to go through these portals, and experience higher frequencies to enable us to live in harmony with all.  Shifting from fear to love takes time and commitment to spiritual practice, wherein we embrace the interdependence of all.

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Cosmic Intelligence

In this series, I position humans within the cosmic realm, hoping to point the way to expanding our myopic tendencies to become immersed in small concerns; meditation, silence and similar ‘non-doing’ pursuits cultivate expansion and our place within the macrocosm.  I’m exploring the realms and energies that unify, rather than separate; in doing so, I point towards the stars, constellations as well as symbolic structures that exist within our psyches.

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Divine Bodies

I love to explore and expose the deeper, often unconscious perceptions and beliefs of social norms. I’m curious as to why we hide particular aspects of life, and are very open to speak and share others, to our self, with others, and in the social milieu. Variations of what is censored differs between cultures, and through time and space. In the case of our bodies, we can speak of a subset of health issues like flu, broken bones, but avoid things connected to sexuality, addictions, psychic experience, and even the nature of the organ body. Much is censured by religious and socio-cultural institutions. I suggest we embrace what is hidden in plain sight.  In a subset I refer to as ‘Divine Elemental bodies’, I superimpose the subtle and spiritual over the ‘organ’ body.  The translucent photographic reproduction radiates its raw beauty and natural intelligence.  Each colored organ body radiates gold rays within an oval divine mandorla; all is centered within a circle of 12 petals, representing the heart chakra, as the center of unconditional love. In the 4 corners of each piece, is a geometric shape that aligns with an elemental (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, …) essence. The sacred geometric structure is designed for meditation; your body is a vehicle for spiritual evolution.

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Ascension Series

The Ascension Series focuses on an aspirant traversing the realms between being primarily embodied (of Earth matter) to resonating divine/Heavenly energies. Much like the cocoon stage of larvae prior to becoming a winged butterfly, one must be dormant and dissolve all structures. Ascended masters, like Jesus, Mary, Yogananda, have provided exemplar pathways to transforming from the material to the spiritual. The spiritual masters who roam(ed) the earth teaching great wisdom values, ascended and then were able to manifest in any bodily form they chose, wherever they chose (even multiple places at the same time = bilocation); typically many kept the same form when they appeared to mortals. I feel that when humanity wakes up to the expanded possibilities of how we view reality, our lives will be richer, more meaningful and we will engage our potential more fully. This series explores the liminal space one must occupy through the journey and the powerful support present for us to tap into.

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Egyptian Series

The Egyptian Series is inspired by the mysteries of ancient Egypt, a complex civilization that soared to heights unseen since. The socioeconomic structure revealed integration with the spiritual; these realms were interwoven with wisdom and honoring of the Earth and Heavens. Their technologies surpassed today’s’, as evidenced by the pyramids and other complex architecture. The feminine and masculine energies were more balanced as revealed through the imagery honoring both male and female in divine and mundane activities. The hieroglyphic writings expose the source energy connection to be from the stars, a belief that currently, we relegate to myth. Regardless, there exists wisdom relevant to contemporary life; Heart energy is central to how a person is judged for a successful life; the Earth and Heavens were considered sacred. The focus on recognizing divinity within every human, creature and place, nourishes respect of all life energies. This is the core of what I feel could resurrect humanity and the Earth to a new golden age.

DNA Series

The DNA Series was inspired by new concepts about the plasticity of our DNA. So much of what we believe to be Reality is crumbling: politico-economic structures, the rigidity of the adult brain etc. So it is no surprise that vitality is being injected into a new sense of reality through disciplines such as Quantum physics and philosophies that are more unifying rather than mired in polarities. Such is the wisdom expanding through spiritual pathways as we explore the potential of meditation evolving our genetics/DNA.

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