Etheric Gateway


An ornate doorway, embedded within layers of circles and flower petals radiates a royal purple, beckoning forth truth seekers to enter.  The imagery expands to appear as a turtle, an Earth symbol, swimming in a verdant green sea.  The appendages are celestial wings and hamsa hands, indicators of divine protection, blessings, power and strength. The head is a bodhi leaf, within which a heart fall earthward from the heavens. Along the border, march 28 elephants, one for each of the lunar days in a month. As the elevated consciousness of a New Earth is birthed, envision her being accompanied by all qualities inherent within the symbols present.


Etheric Gateway

Price: $849

21.5” x 21.5”
Mixed Media: Encaustic on cradled panel boards; acid-free printed papers, Image transfers, beads, wire, crystals.