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Meditate through Mandala Creation

Have you tried meditation and decided it’s not for you, because you can’t stop your mind?

WELL, here is your opportunity to try a unique, more accessible and incredibly fun approach.

Do you realize you have an Elemental Nature? You are made of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, much like the external environment. Just as parts of our world have more or less of each element (mountain regions = Earth; precipitation, lakes/sea = Water; volcano = Fire; windswept desserts = Air), so does each human.

What you may not realize is that when these are out of balance, our life experience becomes stressful, whether that means more anxiety/depression, addictions, lack of self-care, experiencing isolation or lacking in self-care. Imbalance also means you are likely not on course for living a Joyful and Inspired Life.

Student Mandala Creations






See what students are saying about the course…

Well, that was an incredible process putting it All together. The final piece captures the colors, symbols, and shapes of all the elements I’m wanting to work with.  My intention is to consciously use this mandala daily, whether in sit down meditation, moving meditation, or visualization: I will keep a picture of it on my phone for those occasions. This course has reaffirmed how much I LOVE creating ART…playing with color, shapes and forms. This has been challenging, playful and inspiring….AND again, I have learned more about my inner workings. Debbie, my heartfelt gratitude for bringing your loves out for others to learn from and for creating a forum for long distance learning! Aush Tavi Miliu!

K. Grikis

Post-mediation this morning. I am working on my computer searching articles for social media. I became aware of this subtle feeling of happiness, bliss, moving through me like mist through a forest. I have a wonderful YouTube track of forest rain and singing bowls playing which heightens the experience. I’ve had this experience with meditation in the past but it’s been many years. It feels so good. Perhaps this is what equanimity feels like.

J. Hiller

The making of each mandala in your skillfully led “Meditate Through Elemental Mandala Creation” class was joyful, meditative, and fun. I discovered new layers within myself.     Your clear step-by-step guidance, experiential knowledge, and ongoing support / encouragement, helped me to discover the imbalanced elements within my life and me. I’m grateful for you asking the big questions, as they gave me direction for developing a personal pathway for improvements. The provided guided meditations to use alongside my personal created mandalas, have helped me establish a conscious motivation for consistent meditation practice. I’m now aware of specific aspects of my life I’m focused upon improving, and am doing so to create more balance and integration, as I move towards being healthy and whole.

Judy M.

I let my negative self-talk tell me I had no fire; I play with the mandala tools – after 2 days & a restless night: Discovery! “I do have passions, energy and enthusiasm”. I allow my Life’s Purpose to be questioned, shift and realign. Awareness assists me in following through with action steps for regular exercise, finding names for my emotions, and practicing meditation more regularly. I wanted my mandala to show fire’s perennial presence: a large circular hoop and mini-labyrinth path unfolds. This helps me reconnect with my intention

Judy M.

Thanks for the offer of helping me continue my journey.  From what little I had been exposed to the elements, I knew I lacked in fire.  Now I see it’s practically non-existent.  haha.  Again, lots to think about.  I grew up around a LOT of fire.  Mostly the destructive kind.. And then to realize that I live with someone who has healthy amounts of fire.  Interesting.  So I’m looking forward to utilizing my mandala, see where it takes me.

Mary K.

I meditated with my water mandala this morning in my new meditation space Woah! I can see how the geometry of a mandala with a focus on the centerpoint can have a powerful influence on the state of my mind. It really pulled me in to that focal point. I love the combination of creativity and meditation this class offers. I think I’ll make all my family members personal meditation mandalas for Christmas, lol!

Janice H.

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