My interests in environmental issues stem from a deep love and respect of the environment, deepened through work and play in nature. I am witness to my own confusing choices, representative of those within contemporary Western society, and the contradictory aspects of desires for material wealth, sustainable living and to preserve diversity.

Social concerns respond to feminine subjugation, omnipresent in the religious, cultural and political attitudes, laws and behaviors towards the Earth and woman.
Humanity’s disconnect from and wanton abuse of nature and women, and the concurrent evolution of consciousness, seem to co-exist in an energetic dance towards an unknown future.

My aim is to call attention to these issues through humor, irony and mythic allusion; these artworks are meant to inspire reflection, conversation and decision-making from deeper perspectives than consumerism and rigid cultural values. I promote respectful attitudes towards the environment, and feminine qualities, and intend to contribute to joyful, healthy living approaches that sustain life for generations to come.

The tide is turning and my deepest heart’s longing is that through healing earth practices and transformation of consciousness, balance will return.