Ode to the Vegetation Goddess


This artwork expresses gratitude for the abundance within our post-industrial Western culture. It is focused around the basics of life—food, and the hands that nurture it into being. Central to this piece is a feminine form; she resonates life energy arising from soil.

This winged female deity is composed of (slip-cast clay) vegetable and fruits, foodstuffs of the earth that are essential to human survival. Her aura, denoting her divine and beatific nature, extends over the four other fruits and vegetables, which lie as offerings in her vicinity: one for each of the four directions of East, South, West and North.

The goddess and offerings spring forth from a pedestal in the shape of a cross, a timeless and sacred symbol. The cross is covered with red velvet (like royal pathways) and stepped like the pyramids of ancient religious structures that reach toward the heavens. The human hands emerging from the grassy earth are raised up in praise toward the vegetation deity; they are comprised of many colors, representing multi-cultures. In response to the challenging times we live in, Gratitude is a wonderful skill to cultivate.

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Ode to the Vegetation Goddess

Size: 57” h x 17” w x 17” d
Media: Wood, earth, slip-cast hands, fruits & vegetables, glazes, metal, steel rods, velvet, astro-turf, glue, wire.