Mandala & Heart

Chakra Series

The chakras are a system of energetic vortices connecting the physical, energetic and emotional bodies within every human. There exist links between the glands (endocrine system), nerve plexuses within the physical body, and our breath and emotional experiences. Imagine along the length of the spine, 7 spinning wheels, that act like transmitters, receiving and interpreting all life experiences. Like any transmitter, the environment, internal and external, can affect the quality of transmission. Each chakra, when balanced, allows for the flow of information to move freely. Imbalances can be in the form of blockages or the inability to interpret experience; in both cases, a person’s energy will not flow in this area of their life. However, it is possible to heal and rebalance these subtle centers. Every chakra has a visual representation, (shape, color, form/pattern), based upon the experience of yogi adepts. These sacred geometric forms, in conjunction with seed sounds in meditation, can be engaged to heal and refine our subtle energetic flow.

These images can be used as a meditation tool; focus on the center dot with a soft gaze, allowing yourself to be absorbed into the energy of the image; when your eyes tire, close them softly and focus inward, attuning to the after image appearing on the inner screen of your mind. You can then shift this image to its location in the body, and if you like, tone the seed sound.

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Divine Beings

This grouping of art works uses archetypal images that focus on bringing forth the powerful re-birthing of divine Consciousness, including ascended masters, especially those advocating empowering the feminine and earth.

Honoring the Earth, (like the feminine, & women), will enable humans to evolve beyond a warring, dualistic consciousness. Powerful feminine energies, represented by the Goddess, inspire Courage, Nourishment, Emotional Intelligence, Protection, Wisdom, Compassion and Equanimity.

All ascended masters (women and men) experienced the trials and tribulations inherent in evolving one’s consciousness while on the earthly plane. The journey is rife with pitfalls, so it is beneficial to create sacred space and engage spiritual practice in the energetic presence of the wise ones.The Buddha is one of the many enlightened, ascended masters who lived on the earth. He taught by example: a simple life based upon the truth of the oneness of all humanity.

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Heart Passages

These artworks focus on the Heart as a symbol of source energy that can heal anything & everything. Our blessed heart can connect with many energetic nuances and we can learn to amplify the positive and healing vibrations through the heart’s inherent crystalline structure.

These visions re-mind us of the various ways our heart is central to our well-being and evolution as conscious beings.

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Hawaii Mandala

Sacred Geometry connects with the mystical laws of creation and has been used for healing in many ancient traditions. The elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether/space) are represented through shape (square, circle, triangle…) and color, which reverberate at frequencies to re-balance and remove blockages in the subtle human energy fields. The elements in this series are photographs taken in Hawaii, an ancient land, whose wisdom culture permeates the islands.

As a mandala, each image can be used as a meditation tool; focus on the center dot with a soft gaze, & when your eyes tire, close them softly and focus inward on the ‘after image’ in the minds eye. Increase the time with the image to develop concentration and the experience of the qualities resonating from the mandala.

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