Mother Mandala – Protectress


The center blue circle symbolizes water: its flowing qualities allow it to move around, over and with earth, influencing the form & texture of land, often creating the ‘feel’ of a place. Within this spherical watery sea, exists a stable pyramidal form, (a tetrahedron), a symbolic form that houses the sacred essence of the 4th dimension, (the 3-D earth + time). This is the space from which the Protectress of all Earth’s creatures prevails. She is present within the 12 primary & 12 secondary petals of the mandala flower form. This divinity’s focus is upon preserving life, with the aid of Lion (strength & courage), Owl (wisdom & inner hearing + vision) and Bee (social engagement for the good of the whole).

The 12 petals relate to the heart chakra, the energetic source of protective energy that honors all life. When we attune to this energetic resonance, we can cultivate respect for all of life, including all living creatures, and the elements of earth, water, sun/fire, and air that support life. In aligning with a desire to preserve the beauty and uniqueness of our planet Earth, we help to sustain what is right and good.



Mother Mandala – Protectress

Framed Size: 33“ h x 32 ½“ w
Mixed Media