The Art Work

Hawaii Mandala Series
The primary creative impulse for me arises from a desire to reaffirm life’s mysterious energies: to visualize the subtler structures that link humans, nature and the cosmos. These concepts are often sourced from esoteric traditions and ancient cultures, and exist outside the daily space / time we are conditioned to perceive as humans. Through sacred geometry, color, pattern, and symbols, my intention is to enhance a viewer’s personal vibration, and inspire refection upon their place in the larger scheme of existence. Visual archetypes resonate at the soul level and inspire clarity and alignment beyond our ego/personality; it’s beyond the rational, where we can experience connection to something so much bigger.
My dance with sacred geometry began as a child, with Spirograph; twirling plastic gears around with colored pens in the holes, creating complex forms based upon a circle. I now know the circle as an archetypal symbol of both the Universe and the Moon/Water; a circle is receptive, a container. Another shape consistently used is the square, a symbol of Earth, invoking a sense of solidity, structure and safety. Triangles are dynamic energies alluding to manifestation (downward pointing), or transformation (upward pointing). By repeating these symbolic shapes, patterns emerge and the power of numbers (numerology), is invoked. This affects the psyche in profound ways; for example, 3 is an energy of creation, and 6, of harmony. Patterns, numerology and symbols cultivate subtle recognition of our place within the universe.
Divine Being Series
6–Pointed Star Buddha
DNA Series
Life Spirals
The cross is also a prominent symbol: the horizontal axis aligns with receptive feminine energy, and the vertical action-oriented masculine axis, also connects heaven and earth. Other symbols I utilize are spirals, hands, and hearts. For me, the heart energy is central to evolving oneself and the planet to a higher dimension. The visual tools trigger a remembrance of the universal meaning and patterns within and without. Symbols and sacred geometry are tenets of all spiritual systems intended to illuminate one’s soul progression. We see these forms within architecture, from Stonehenge to Chartres cathedral, as well as in mandalas (Tibetan tangkas, yogic Yantras and native sand paintings); my vision stands within these universal wisdom teachings.
These abstract tools, are typically integrated within a modern context; sourced from current scientific research, ideas are explored within a Series of art pieces. The DNA Series investigates recent proclamations that meditation can ‘turn on’ what was thought to be ‘junk’ DNA, and evolve the brain to a higher frequency state; meaning it increases conscious awareness (less fear, more love!). The Ascension Series explores the process of aligning one’s energy, through stillness, to higher vibrations of the universe to transform and connect to our Divinity. The Egyptian Series explores this ancient culture’s perspectives, amidst contemporary archeological evidence that suggests they were more spiritually and technologically advanced than history texts suggest. The Mudra Series explores the power of hand gestures, which aligns energetic patterns to heal through our subtle body and summon healing and noble qualities within. The Divine Body Series investigates the potential for humans to experience the multi-layered energies from the most subtle (divine/cosmic) to the most obvious (physical body).
Ascension Series
Floating on Wings of Prayers
Mudra Series
Earth Offering
As I ‘paint’ with wax (encaustic), the smell invokes connection and gratitude to the sacred bees as members of this great net of interconnection. My affection for natural materials, (rocks, feathers, flower petals, shells) and common human ‘specialty’ items, (keys, beads, gems, crystals, trim) serve as decorative and symbolic artifacts that trigger archetypal inner wisdom. Locating a heart shaped rock, as a gift of Earth, reminds me to Love all that is – resist nothing. A feather is a message from the heavens to be discerning. I honor all found treasures by integrating them within art pieces, in a manner that evokes our interconnection with all that is, from the sub-atomic to the cosmic. I wish my art to be inspirational, to generate expansion and integration, to connect your body, heart and soul; to build a bridge between Longing and BeLonging.
I love to explore and expose the deeper, often unconscious perceptions and beliefs of social norms. I’m curious as to why we hide particular aspects of life, and are very open to speak and share others; to our self, with others, and in the social milieu. Variations are based upon what a culture holds to be true, and differ through time and space. I once taught a class on Art, Gender, Race & Class; it was such a wonderful investigation into artist’s exposing unconscious norms we uphold as truths in society. Such is the case of our bodies; we can talk about our ugly pimples, particular health problems like flu, broken bones, but avoid things connected to sexuality, addictions, and even psychic experience, perhaps censured by religious and socio-cultural teachings. Perhaps exploring these realms beyond the visible, will reveal opportunities to embrace what is hidden in plain sight.
Divine Body Series
Archetypal Bodies