Lunar Mother Mandala – Nourishment


The central circle is a blue leaf photographic image, enervated with the organically flowing viens/life ‘rivers’ of subtle energy; these are akin to the energetic channels yogis refer to as nadis. A 6-pointed star overlies this circle; the upward & downward pointing triangles represent the central heart chakra. This energetic vortex within the human chest, is the site of integration of earthly and heavenly energies. It is here that we connect with the qualities associated with lunar rhythms: receptivity, the ebb/flow of feelings and emotional intelligence. Each of the 12 petals, holds an image of the ancient 25,000 year old goddess rock wall carving (Venus of Laussel), who holds a crescent moon shaped horn, marked with 13 incisions, (referencing the 13 month lunar calendar, or a ½ moon cycle of days). The blue color resonates the watery, flowing energies of feminine intuition, through the vehicle of meditation. This ancient, goddess energy, reminds us of the mystical laws of lunar, feminine consciousness, which supports the deeper nourishment of all of creation energies.

When in the state of allowing, we can emerge from the heart energies that are in alignment with inner knowing, receptivity, and flow with grace in appreciation of all life experience.



Lunar Mother Mandala – Nourishment

Framed Size: 25 ½“ x 29 ½“
Mixed Media