Trinity Contemplating Procreation


A triangular, shiny bronze base, embossed/adorned with an old lace cloth, supports three winged figures, alluding to their spiritual natures. These masculine forms glow, especially the halos surrounding their heads. Their attention converges on the central form, a bright red bio-morphic, fiery uterus + ovaries.
The golden coronas of the winged banana figures, appear like sanctified saw blades, closing in on the female reproductive organs. This piece is an ironic commentary upon contemporary relationships of hierarchy; especially regarding how patriarchal religious institutions decide for women the fate of their wombs.

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Trinity Contemplating Procreation

Size: 10” h x 16” w x 14” d
Media: Bronze base, slip-cast ceramic bananas, squash (wings), gold leaf, plaster, paint, metal rod.