Arise From the Ashes of Doubt


This angelic like figure, with jade colored glowing wings and head, seems to arise out of an inferno, albeit one is no longer threatening, but even provides a foundation for warmth that nourishes. The two triangles on the supportive base, overlap to create a star form, which is a symbol of the heart center; the jade green color as well. This piece is a metaphor for transitioning through a challenging time, rife with the quality of fear, called doubt. Doubt can plummet one onto a path of self-loathing, for one isn’t reaching one’s potential. However, through heart centering and inner visioning (the crystal at the 3rd eye center), one evolves through the experience, becoming lighter in being and closer to one’s divine nature.

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Arise From the Ashes of Doubt

Size: 15” h x 12” diameter
Mixed Media: Slip cast ceramic forms, glazes, wood, stains, varnish, paint, trim, glues.