Dancing Between Earth and Sky


This joyous figure seems to dance and fly above the earth. However, it remains connected to the planet via an energetic line of red wire. The earth platform below is a five-sided piece of turf, the center of which is a red-hot element. The 5 points of the pentagon shape have red liquid filled syringes, signifying ‘hot poison’ going into the earth, (and thus all living creatures, including humans). These elements refer to polluting the earth, life and humans through addictive habits. However, this figure/person is perfectly plugged into the Heavens (stars and moon) above and the Earth below, maintaining a joyful balance amidst the chaotic times and conditions of contemporary life.

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Dancing Between Earth and Sky

Size: 18” h x 14” w x 14” d
Mixed Media: Slip cast ceramic forms, glazes, porcelain, metal syringes, golf ball, wood, stains, varnish, paint, trim, wires, glues.