Wisdom Path


Blue is the color of water and sky; it also resonates the throat chakra energies of creative expression through wisdom teachings.  On the lower tier of imagery, an eye-shaped window into a heaven filled with cosmic bodies (stars, planets), gives rise to a doorway, a porthole into a higher dimension, one embedded in heart vibrations.  The central image of a downward pointing Hamsa hand protects and guides.  The DNA winged columns on either side give rise to bodhi tree leaves representing the eternal flames of wisdom – DNA reorganizes and upgrades through meditation.  The small image of a woman in repose (at the top center), within a similar cosmic eye shape, surrenders her ego within a space of stillness.  She is cultivating transformation through wisdom practices. Each of the 3 horizontal planes of imagery are uplifted by wings, symbols of divine presence. Cross cultural spiritual imagery exposes the similar heart wisdom at the core of all spiritual traditions.


Wisdom Path

Price: $999

25” x 25”
Mixed Media: Encaustic on cradled panel boards; acid-free printed papers, Image transfers, beads, wire, crystals.