Mind Gateway


A royal Blue sky color, resonates the space element; Blue sky also aligns with the throat chakra ~ indicating truth, spiritual guides and creative expression.  We need an open heart and discriminating mind in order to communicate clearly, with compassion.  The rich green backdrop is filled with upliftment (wings), protections (Hamsa hands, eye) and indications of fruits blossoming within cycles (flowers floating up from and down into hands).  Enters the central door with your mind, feeling the sapphire blue space of discerning wisdom.  Focus upon your soul’s desires for this precious lifetime.  When challenges arise, tap into discerning and creative energies; if you stay true to spiritual practice, you will receive guidance. The central crystal in the golden window vibrates the source energy to tap into.


Mind Gateway

Price: $449

15” x 15”
Mixed Media: Encaustic on cradled panel boards; acid-free printed papers, Image transfers, beads, wire, crystals.