Root Path


The alizarin orange/red colors, sourced from madder root, emanate earthy blood life force energies.  An observant crow oversees and protects from its perch within an upward pointing triangle, symbolic of fiery transformation. Three more crows rest upon branches of a stylized tree emerging from waves, water being the foundation of life.  The central square panel is flanked by 2 flowers, signifying earth’s gifts.  Above lies a woman in repose, floating within an eye shaped sea of stars; she transforms within this cosmic window.  Three sets of wings elevate weighty matter to less density, ultimately formlessness. The decorative borders suggest life force energy, holding the space of transformation


Root Path

Price: $777

21” x 21”
Mixed Media: Encaustic on cradled panel boards; acid-free printed papers, Image transfers, beads, wire, crystals.