Spatial Relations


A central square panel holds a Hamsa Hand, emanating protection into the surrounds: a foundation of Ground / Earth (rectangle with ancient calligraphy, emergent beetle + ferns on both sides); Celestial Bodies of Mercury & Neptune, clear pragmatic communication imbued with imagination and high ideals; Dragonfly, Spirit – creature of pure potential & breaking free of old paradigms, bringing new self-awareness, and revealing a new path to freedom. Four more Hamsa hands and dragon flies ground the 4 corners and 4 directions; partial circles contain the erratic electrical energy into dynamic symmetrical fields.



Title:  Spatial Relations

Size: 25.5” h. x 25.5” w.                   

Price: $965

Media: Encaustic & Mixed Media (images, beads, crystals, pendant piece, wire) on cradled Panel board

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