Verdant Revelations


Two red-orange, fiery square panels establish a vertical format, akin to the growth patterns of vegetation and humans.  The lower panel’s symmetry is punctuated with flowering vines, setting a tone of dynamic creation. The butterfly, wings expanded to reveal its’ absolute perfection, reminds us of our own potential transformation.  The upper square panel is more dynamic, populated with a variety of insects, primordial creatures inhabiting Earth and Air. Contoured with sparkling glass beads, these bejeweled, overlooked life forms reveal their preciousness within the natural world.  All life is sacred, and in need of protection, as we navigate this era of great change. The central Hamsa hand, flanked by peacock feathers, as well as the two columns of peacock feathers, creates this aura of protection and reminder to view all life as sacred.




Title:  Verdant Revelations

Size: 31.4h. x 23.4” w.                   

Price: $1095

Media: Encaustic & Mixed Media (images, beads, crystals, wire) on cradled Panel board

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