Airy CorresponDance


Two square panels dominate the vertical space; each is embedded within a 5-pointed gold star matrix, emblematic of dynamic evolution, held by a circle of wholeness. The lower green square contains a tiny central tree (of life), flanked by Hamsa Hands / Bear Paws, invoking feminine, instinctual protection. A butterfly rises from the ‘world tree’, expressing the potential of a new wisdom earth unfolding.  Higher octaves of transformational energies are revealed in the top blue square panel: butterfly, wisdom eye, peacock feathers/leaves with heart centers, and dragonfly, symbolic of an illumined mind and extra-sensory wisdom.  From a place of safety, we can tune into the etheric wisdom, to intuitively step onto the most beneficial path as we move through tumultuous times. The filigree borders, much like illuminated manuscripts hold this space of potential as sacred.




Title:  Airy Correspondance

Size: 31.4h. x 23.4” w.                   

Price: $1095

Media: Encaustic & Mixed Media (images, beads, crystals, pendant piece, wire) on cradled Panel board

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