Heralding Creation


Greens signify ‘life’ on planet Earth.  As we transition to the Aquarian age of Equality for all Life, we must imagine and hold the energies of unity in diversity.  The center square holds the Earth plane in 3 x 2 parts of balance: 2 bears, 2 ferns, 2 moons. Each of these symbolizes, in slightly differing ways: primal instincts, alchemy, unconscious, & rhythms of months, seasons and creation energies.  The beetle at the center base, like the scarab of Ancient Egypt, emerges out of earth, having laid its eggs in the fertile dung ball.  The center protective Hamsa hand holds the eternal flame of faith, and points upward to a dragonfly, emerging to dance the winged dance between water & air, balancing emotions and thought. The golden pulsating circle contains the Earth realm. Beyond this golden orb, float 12 images: 4 dragonflies, and 8 peacock feathers. The latter has multiple meanings across cultures, but all are favorable.  It radiates patience, benevolence, and compassion ~ the heart shape within each feather reminds you of your own power to speak your truth of the New Earth you desire, with love and equanimity.



Title: Heralding Creation

Size: 31.5h. x 25.5” w.                   

Price: $1095

Media: Encaustic & Mixed Media (image transfers, art papers, glass beads, crystals, wire, gold foil) on cradled Panel boards.