Creative Fires


Circles often represent the spiritual because they are infinite—they have no end. The square typically symbolizes the material, because of its solid appearance and the number of physical things that come in fours: seasons, directions, & physical elements – earth, water, fire & air. Here, the square central panel is contained within a ‘spiritual sphere’, also looking much like a glowing orb emanating from the physical, or embedded within a celestial body.

The square ‘earth’ field, holds 3 elephants, symbolic of pushing through obstacles.  These give rise to vines, and flowers, each holding a crystal message at its center.  The central protective Hamsa hand points towards an emerging dragonfly; this creature is a master of water (emotions) & air (thought) realms, and it is able to fly up, down, forward, backward… all essential skills for negotiating the uncharted territory of new creation.  The predominantly Fiery orange-red colors and leafy flames suggest the beauty & trepidation of stepping onto a path of co-creation of the world.



Title: Creative Fires

Size: 25.5h. x 25.5” w.                   

Price: $965

Media: Encaustic & Mixed Media (image transfers, art papers, glass beads, crystals, wire) on cradled Panel boards.