Lunar Undulations


The predominating vertical format aligns with the upright stature of we humans. Within are 7-stacked circles, intended to resonate with the seven energy centers, (Chakras) within our human form. The focus within these are the moon, and its shifting energies from dark to light and back to dark again, a continuous energy cycle available for us to tune into and allow it to assist us. The circles are images of DNA linked together to create a pattern, akin to our DNA that resonates in response to both internal and external energies.

The moon cycle has great influence over water, thus our bodies, which are over 70% water. The nature of this influence is primarily emotional, which is crucial to balance for well-being within ourselves and relationships. The presence of the shells, reinforce the water element; their presence on the blue side panel spaces create a sense of movement up on the right side, and down on the left.

The dark moon at the base chakra circle is dark, the time to plant seeds; here it houses a snake, the symbol of rising transformational energy at the root of our Being. This potential continues upward in the crescent moon phase as seeds take root, indicated by the teardrop shell pointing up. Next is the half moon phase, then the full moon at the center, which aligns with our heart, expansive and bright. As the accent continues, the moon wanes, having birthed the ideas, and brought them to fullness. As the moon shifts to dark again at the crown chakra, we are immersed yet again in the mysteries of the unknown, where individuality dissolves; it is here we have the potential to experience heavenly energies, symbolized by a ‘protective hand’ of the divine.


Lunar Undulations

Size: 36.5” h x 12.3” w
Mixed Media – Encaustic