Multi-Dimensional Potentials


Multi-Dimensional Potentials explores the formless space/time that helps one dissolve the tenacious adherence to 3-dimensional reality. By expanding our awareness, and consciously directing it into ever-higher vibrating energy, anyone can heal, experience different realities and yet still exist on the earth plane. The Earth plane is the bottom panel; the background sap green color is redolent with primary life energy as is the root and 3 leaf skeletons, with their tiny internal ‘rivers’. The central panel, holds 4 ‘floating human forms’, suspended in a galactic space of potential; they are whirling within the cosmic backdrop. The number 4, (of floating forms) keeps her connected to mother earth energy, yet the presence of DNA in this field, suggests more of an energetic resonance. Various channels suggest DNA is aware – and can evolve as we increase our vibration!! Could expanding consciousness shift you into the realm of true healing, miracles and cosmic consciousness? What if our DNA is our ticket to multi-dimensionality experience, and it is here, in this non-linear space time that all is possible. Advanced spiritual beings, like Mother Mary, can show us the way & light. In her benevolent and compassionate gesture, showering down rays of light, she oversees the human transforming below her. The presence of the symbolic chakra ‘yantras’ (sacred geometric forms), reflects the energy wheels within each person’s subtle body, that must be purified in the process of transformation. The blood red background aligns Mary with her chosen path of helping humans on the earth. She is only one of many spiritual guides desiring to aid us.


Multi Dimensional Potentials

Size: 32”h x 16”w x 3”d
Mixed Media + Encaustic

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Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 24 × 9 in