Ascension: Between Earth & Heaven


The central figure of a woman, wrapped in her garments, like a larvae in its cocoon, floats in an ethereal space between 4 earthy organ-like structures below, and 3 heavenly Mother Marys above. The trinity of Mary beams down golden light through the cocooned woman’s corporeal structure, supporting the ‘en-lightening’ process. Below is a bier-like foundation of hearts, the trinity of symbolic love that supports the transformation. In the blue sky/heavens above, are the light and dark stages of the feminine moon energy, assisting the process of ‘going into the silence within’, and deep transformation.  Allow the energy of transformation to release all resistance to change you experience.

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Between Earth & Heaven

Price: $790

Size: 24”h x 24”w x 3.25”
Mixed Media + Encaustic