Flower of Life



This piece centers on the sacred geometric structure called ‘the Flower of Life’. It has been found carved into rock and architectural structures in ancient cultures all over the Earth; including Egypt. This complex symbol of overlapping circles, that create flower petal patterns, can create a centering, meditative affect on a viewer’s resonant energy. Considered to be a vibration that supports life, the flower of life here is surrounded by important symbols of Egyptian culture: the ram/cow, teaching of esoteric arts, gold leafy plants emanating from a ‘vase’ and topping out as a golden arch + eye; phases of the moon. The bold background colors vibrate the essence energies of earth, fire, water, air, space; the elemental forces which give rise to all manifestation on the Earth plane.

There also exist repetitive horizontal and vertical planes of energy, depicting a balance of the earth plane and ‘heaven and earth’ axis, which hold planet earth in form.



Flower of Life

Price: $790

Size: 20” h x 20”w
Mixed Media: Encaustic