Milk and Honey


The predominating vertical format aligns with the upright stature of we humans. Within are 7-stacked colored circles, intended to resonate with the seven energy centers, (Chakras) within our human form. The dark moon at the base chakra circle represents the dark earth, fertile foundation for growth and evolution of life itself. Along the sides of this vertical axis and chakra line-up are tiny images associated with ancient goddess traditions: the butterfly, symbolic of transformation, and the bee, producer of honey, the sweetness of life.

The top panel contains a ‘brain-heart’ image, within which is an image of the many breasted dark goddess, the ultimate symbol of nourishment, the Milk and Honey of Life.

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Milk and Honey

Price: $280

Size: 24” h x 6”w x 4″d
Mixed Media: Encaustic