Idyllic Spaces


Three squares, the inner two in diamond format, resonates stability and strength. Symbolically, a square represents the Earth and the more dynamic, diamond orientation, focuses the energy towards heaven-earth and horizon-line axes. At the center is a spiral shell, with whorls of beads emanating outwards, reflecting expanding source energy. The various blue colors, and shells connect to the water element.

Outside the inner squares, lay the planetary forms of Neptune and Venus; the former resonates the energy of imagination, and potential without boundaries. Venus is the planet of beauty, harmony and love. When these two energies combine, love expands to all corners of the universe, making harmony and peace possible.

Within the dark blue circle are a single hand gesture repeated 4 times; it is Purna Hridaya Mudra, the inner shape reflecting its open hearted energy.

The planets are embedded within a lace like patterning of DNA that borders the outer square, framing the contents much like an illuminated manuscript of the middle ages. Both uplift the energy to a sacred resonance.

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Idyllic Spaces

Size: 24 1/4” h x 24 1/4” w x 3 1/4” d
Mixed Media: Encaustic