Harvesting the Heart


Symbolically, a square represents the Earth and the nesting of 3 squares indicated the 3 fold aspects of earth as the Planet, the connection of our physical being made of earthly elements, and the human emotional connection to the Earth as our Mother. In the center square, numerous images of ancient goddesses represent the primordial relationship of ‘the Mother’ earth energy vital to human nourishment. Four are present: the goddess with the crescent moon; the pre-Egyptian multi-breasted goddess; the feminine presence with owl (night) and cat (day); and an Egyptian goddess. The latter is tending the earth; more specifically she is using a heart image in her working of the garden of the Earth, denoting the special relationship between land and heart within the early Egyptian community.



Harvesting the Heart

Price: $890

Size: 21.25” x 21.25”
Mixed Media + Encaustic