Taking Flight


The reddish-brown earthy colored backdrop holds the largest of 3 ‘floating women’ on the back – ground of the image; she is also the most detailed in form, but clearly in a state of limbo. Within the central square, upon a cloud-scape, float 3 pairs of translucent wings and a white bird skull. The bird head is pulling the lower female figure upward with its red and gold wiry energy. The smaller female figure resting on the middle set of wings, has lost most of her detailed form, and has turned into a glowing gold energy. The third and smallest female form at the top is now just a hollow form, with glowing energy emanating from her once physical form. The transformation from physical embodiment to light energy, transmuting matter & mind to spirit, is the ultimate journey of evolving consciousness.  Tune into the process that will integrate body, heart~mind and spirit through this imagery.



Taking Flight

Size: 18 1/3”h x 17”w x 3 1/2”d
Mixed Media + Encaustic

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 12 in