En~Lightenment Phases


Each of the 3 ‘floating in limbo’ women are being uplifted by hands in a gesture of prayer; specifically the peaceful energy of the ‘dove’ (= kapota mudra). Love, symbolized by the 3 hearts, encircle the female form as she ‘shrinks’ into smaller physical presence, dominated by loving ‘heart’ energy. Three ‘prayer’ hands of peace are present, becoming larger as they move from bottom to top on the image, pulling the woman’s form upwards towards gold light, from the earthy red ground. The presence of the moon, and its phases in the blue heavens, reflects the receptive state one needs to immerse into, in order to transition from egoic, physical presence to divine, light presence. One can still be embodied and experience ‘stages’ of transformation from more dense, material energy to the higher vibrating light energies. Are you embracing the journey of embracing conscious evolution?


En-Lightenment Phases

Size: 20 5/8”h x 17 5/8”w x 2”d
Mixed Media + Encaustic

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 24 × 8 in