Floating on the Wings of Prayer


This art piece focuses upon a feminine form/energy moving from the material to ephemeral plane with the aid of heavenly wings supporting her to take flight, as well as prayer hands in the gesture of peace (the dove = Kapota mudra). The main 3 images are each repeated 3 times: human form, wings, prayer hands. Numerologically, the energy of 3 resonates with the energy of creation, ascended masters and the first level of completion; the second tier of (3×2=) 6, is the energy of higher ground, harmony and commitment, and the thirds level (3 x 3=) 9 resonates with compassion, patience, and completion. All of these energies are a part transforming from an embodied state to one that resonates more with the subtle energies of air/breath, space and light, each more subtle than the last. The presence of the symbolic chakra ‘yantras’ (sacred geometric forms), reflects the transformation of energy within one’s being that occurs through the journey of moving from the physical being to a light being. The blue heavenly space that holds the energy of transformation, reflects the cosmic potential of life itself.

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Floating on the Wings of Prayers   (SOLD)

Size: 23.5”h x 13 3/8”w x 2”d
Mixed Media + Encaustic

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 8 in