Lunar Adjustments



Three stacked squares, each smaller that the one beneath resonates a ‘complete’ energy, like the trinity in many spiritual traditions. The inner two square forms are rotated into a diamond format; the two orientations resonate stability and strength. Symbolically, a square represents the Earth, ground, stability and the diamond shape reflects the strength of beauty created through pressure. The inner, dynamic, diamond orientation focuses the energy equally towards the heaven/earth vertical and horizon horizontal-line axes. We align our bodies, hearts and minds easily towards both these axes; to the vertical when awake, between heaven and earth, sky and ground. We naturally align to the horizontal plane energy, when in repose, receiving and restoring during sleep, or when we open our arms to embrace, with our heart at the center, in a loving, giving/receptive energy.

Within the central diamond square is a beaded spiral, with 6 shell slices, oriented like flower petals. The orange middle ground complements the watery and deep blues in the front and back planes. The backdrop holds deep space energy, with four moon phases illuminating and empowering a mystical, feminine, receptive energy. It also suggests the importance of opening our awareness to the lunar cycles, which when attuned to, can help us utilize this wisdom energy more consciously.

Within the dark blue circle is a single hand gesture, repeated on each side; it is that of Kapota Mudra, much like praying hands, but with a flavor of peace, the dove being its animal equivalent.

The lace like patterning of DNA that borders the outer square, frames the contents much like an illuminated manuscript of the Middle Ages, whose beauty and gold sparked a connection to our inner divine. I am hoping to help awaken our contemplation of the heavens, and our life as a mysterious journey within the divine matrix.


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Lunar Adjustments

Size: 24.25” h x 24.25” w x 2.5”d

Mixed Media – Encaustic