Harmonic Eye



The external eye is a vital sensory organ that allows us to see and interpret our environment, making choices based upon the interpretations of conditioned experience. The symbolic eye is either experienced as a ‘protective force’ in the external universe, or the inner 3rd eye, that is connected to subtle perceptions beyond linear space/time; it is the wisdom eye that perceives a deeper reality, that egoic reaction derived from conditioning.

In this image, the eye is anchored by the lotus/lily, another symbol of blossoming wisdom, especially from the eastern spiritual traditions. The center of the eye, as well as part of the iris, is DNA, the life code that has the potential of enlightenment. Raising our personal vibration, to activate ancient wisdom codes within our DNA, may prove to be the physical touchstone of our human conscious evolution. Can we collectively envision a world of safety, abundance and peace for all?

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Harmonic Eye

Size: 16.75”h x 20.5”w
Mixed Media + Encaustic