Weighing the Heart


The central square, a symbol of the earth element, is elevated by a partial green ‘mountain’; it holds a scene depicting Egyptian cosmological symbols. Above is a protective eye, the ‘white’ of which is the crescent moon; both are crowned by an arc of DNA, the life code within all of life. Supporting below are 3 ibis –like birds, feet in the element of water, and below, the half circle of earth, filled with vein like patterns, indicative of the life force energy within all matter.

Above and flanking this center image is a scale, the crescent moon ‘bowls’ contain a feather on one side, and a gold heart on the other. This archetypal symbolic structure depicts the ancient Egyptian ‘Weighing of the Heart’ ceremony. Upon the death of a person, their heart was weighed against that of the heart; if balanced, the person was deemed to be worthy. This indicates the importance of the heart as a center of compassion, unconditional love and these qualities being revered in this ancient culture.



Weighing the Heart

Price: $790

Size: 20” h x 20”w
Mixed Media: Encaustic