Heavenly Depositions


The central square holds images of a goddess/queen of Egypt; her open palms face outward, in a spiritual gesture of benevolence. Between hands and her gaze, is a scarab-like beetle, a symbol of the creative force. Attached is a long tail, with a DNA like coiling, the end tail of which impregnates the horizontal plane of the earth.

The outer panel holds 4 horizontal planes: the earthy ground with the sacred cow/ram; the green layer giving birth to the vegetal kingdom, symbolized by the lotus; the blue water layer supporting the crane/ibis, sacred bird; and the 4th layer of night sky, holding the moon and sun, the 2 key influential energies which must be balanced in order to evolve


Heavenly Depositions

Price: $790

Size: 20 1/4” h x 21” w
Mixed Media – Encaustic