Heavenly Guidance


The central ‘flower’ made of 2 types of shells, has 12 petals, the same number associated with the heart chakra, at the spiritual heart center of every human. Reinforcing that alliance is the 6-pointed star consisting of an upward and downward pointing triangle; white energy moving downward and red energy moving up. The petal energy expands outwards with a curves of beads, connecting with the green ground behind, the verdant Earth ground. In the background red panel, are 3 pylons of DNA, holding up the earth plane; this suggests the foundation of life itself.

The 3 wavy lines stacked on either side of the pylons, are akin to an ideograph of the I Ching, and for me, represent the water element. This is also reflected in the moon phases above. Above the water ripple lines, on both sides is a hand gesture, Purna Hridaya Mudra, the inner heart shape, in red, reflects the intended open-hearted energy. Above these hands, are the planets mercury on the right, representing communication/ intelligence, and Venus on the left, signifying beauty, harmony. The heavens can tell us much, if we are open-hearted and tune into them.


Heavenly Guidance

Size: 18.5” h x 24.5”w
Mixed Media – Encaustic