Flying Colors


I’m immensely interested in humanity evolving their consciousness to create peace and harmony on Earth. I believe that one of the most accessible and easy methods is through the chakras. This piece reflects the inherent qualities of chakra energy, through the colors, symbols and patterns.

The chakras are vortices that receive, store and transmit energies; it is possible to consciously engage with these energy centers to balance, heal and elevate their base resonance. We begin with internal visualization of their colors; the root at the bottom is red, and grounded to the Earth element. The wings present on both sides are pointed down, connected to the Earth. Moving upwards, we hit the sacral chakra, orange in color, connected to water element. Next is the solar yellow energy of fire, representing our engagement in the world. The fourth chakra at the center of the total of 7 within the body, is the heart. The Heart at the center is of great significance as that is the ‘heart’ of transformation personally and for the planet. Green is a healing color, for self and all relations. The wings on each side here are now at a horizontal plane, reflecting the need to be heart-centered on the earthly plane. Next is the blue-sky color of space and the throat, wherein ultimate truth is revealed. Above that is the 3rd – wisdom eye of witness consciousness and creating reality through innate creative connection to the larger universal energies. All boundaries are dissolved between our personality self and our higher Self as we connect with supreme consciousness in the crown chakra. The wings now are elevated to soar in the heavens.


Flying Colors

Size: 36.5” h x 12.3” w
Mixed Media – Encaustic