Organ-ic Labyrinth


The vertical format here speaks to the masculine, manifestation, action-oriented principal. The middle panel’s labyrinth symbolizes a journey; a quest(ion) through inward movement, answer arises at the center & integration back out. The entrance into the labyrinth is the center of the entire piece, denoted by a pearl in the center of a ‘flower’ form. The organ body images in the top and bottom panels align with the vertical column, displays an embodying principal of subtler energies; the red at the base reflects the Earth, blood, and the top, a healing green tone. The black and gold columns on both sides of the organ bodies, and central in the middle panel create a sense of cohesion between the invisible and corporeal; it structures a type of reality; our body as a substance and a sensory vehicle, amidst more subtle energies that we experience, including emotions, thoughts, intuition and knowing we are each a drop of energy in the cosmic soup.



Organ-ic Labyrinth

Price: $1595

49.25” x 25.5”
Mixed Media: Encaustic on wood & cradled panel; image transfers, acid-free papers, trim, beads, poppy heads, gold foil, crystals.