Air Nature


Green is the color of the heart chakra, and the space where the upper and lowers energies of the human coalesce; this is represented by the two triangles (up- and down-ward pointing) join to form a 6-pointed star. The complimentary color of red, is how we usually relate to heart energy, which we can experience if we meditate upon this image, then close our eyes and see the ‘after-image’ on the interior screen/the mind’s eye. At the center of the organ body is a lies and energetic swirl, representing the 4th chakra vortex of energy – and at its center, a crystal, signifying the focal point and the crystalline structure of the heart, that holds the energetic resonance of love and compassion.



Air Nature

Price: $695

21.5” x 21.5”
Mixed Media: Encaustic and Mixed Media (transfer images, beads, wire, transfer foil, crystal) on Cradled Panelboard.