Space Nature


The blues in this work align with the day and night sky, and the expansive potential of our nature. Representing the 5th chakra in the neck/throat of the physical body, the energy is about truth, purification and creative expression. As we move upward in the rainbow color spectrum, the energies become subtler, thus require deeper focus and attention to attune to. The downward pointing triangle is symbolic of the vibrating intelligent energy moving down, from the cosmos into our being. When aligned, we can be truly creative beings, comprehend and speak the universal truth, not the limited perception of egoic perspective. At the center is a crystal that entices ones focus; meditating upon the center and the whole cultivates unity within.



Space Nature

Price: $695

21.5” x 21.5”
Mixed Media: Encaustic and Mixed Media (transfer images, beads, wire, transfer foil, crystal) on Cradled Panelboard.