Archetypal Bodies


A horizontal format represents the feminine in archetypal structure, as do the 3 symbolic ‘female’ images. The one on the left panel is a dark image of ‘Venus of Lascaux’, (purported to be up to 30,000 years old), a remnant of the past. Her body has substance, like the Earth, and she holds a crescent moon with 13 lines marked into it, a calendar integrating the 13 lunar cycle equal to a solar year. The image on the right is more of a futuristic form, female only by the presence of breasts; her head is a flower/sun, flanked on either side by crescent moons held up by her hands. Her body is sinuous, merging out of a snake foundation, coiled, but arising from the depths below. In many Eastern cultures, the snake symbolizes transformation and insight into the inner dimensions; periodically the snake sheds it’s skin and during the process, the eyes get milky white, unable to perceive the physical reality it abides in. The center/chest area is dominated by a heart, which feeds to/from the lunar and solar energies above. The central panel is a photo of human internal organs; akin to a scientific illustration, the translucent organ body shines with beauty. Along the central vertical line of the body, and extending above and below, are two undulating bead lines, like a DNA helix; within each space created where the curves cross over each other, is a symbolic ornamental shape denoting one of the seven chakras. The physical body is connected to divine energies through these energetic vortices, the center of which lies a heart; heart energy of compassion, wisdom and love, overlaying the organ body, indicates the subtler intelligence lying within the physical body.



Archetypal Bodies

Price: $1595

25.5” x 49.25”
Mixed Media: Encaustic on cradled panel; intaglio prints, image transfers, beads, crystals.