Sanctuary Through the Ages


The central panel combines a large eye, (with a crescent moon as its’ base), and an ancient Egyptian image filled with symbols of the archetypal passage of life between lives: boat, stairway, gateway, and birds. The Eye provides protection during the journey. On either side are the trays of a balancing scale, one holding a feather, the other a heart. In ancient Egypt, upon the death of a person, their heart was weighed against that of the feather; if balanced, the person showed a high level of consciousness in this lifetime. The scale pans are within a square, looking like a contemporary ‘purse’, denoting the baggage we must transform during the current lifetime. The central symbolic eye provides protection, thus sanctuary during the delicate passageway between lifetimes. The side panels of birds, akin to the sacred Ibis of ancient Egypt relates to the wise Ibis-headed god, Thoth, a messenger and record-keeper; a record of our evolution through our life is being acknowledged and aids in our inspiration to live a life founded on compassion, clarity and wisdom. Our inner work to create wisdom becomes our true sanctuary.



Sanctuary through the Ages

Price: $1180

Size: 21.5” x 37.5”
Mixed Media + Encaustic