The Third Eye


Primarily a horizontal format, with 3 interior panels of ‘eyes’, your gaze is mirrored back to you. The eyes flanking the central one, emerge out of a series of concentric diamond shapes, suggesting a mask /face. The center eye arises out of a circle, representing the whole. A vertical line of green & gold affirms the heaven ~ earth axis. The horizontal axis of gold weaving, aligns with the feminine/receptive plane. All three ‘eyes’ arise out of a vibrantly colored background; the pupils are images of sea fan corals, reflecting the natural movement energy in the vein-like structure. At the center of each pupil is a heart shape; if you look closely, the metallic heart is the center shape created by a line drawing of a mudra, (hand gesture), called Purna Hridaya, or Open Heart. The center eye is most dynamic of all, with a bright red heart in the middle – within this center is a golden globe bearing a green crystal; both the glittery red and green are healing / heart colors. This is the artwork’s focal center; intended to bring your focus towards your own third eye, the space of intuition, guided by the heart, to cultivate clarity, insight and deep wisdom. I love to bring imagery to those subtler energies we experience but are not visible within the 3-dimensional plane of existence.


The Third Eye

Price: $1595

25.5” x 49.25”
Mixed Media: Encaustic on cradled panels & encausticbord; acid-free printed papers, trim, beads, wire, crystals.