Crowning Star


The central square panel holds the symbolic essence of the heavens: a star. This is laid within a dotted background much like a symbolic pattern of the heavens dotted by stars. The circular filigree pattern around the center star and square is DNA, a symbol of life’s template. Given recent evidence that DNA can be altered through increasing our personal vibration, my intention here is to place the DNA central to the vertical energies of heaven and earth, and the horizontal plane that represents the planet Earth. The central star also looks like a starfish, connecting it to water bodies of Earth.

The second rectangular layer holds an upward and a downward pointing triangle, both a symbol of the heart center, and indicating the primary movements of energy connecting Earth and Heavens. In the outermost rectangle, lie 4 crown shapes, also consisting of DNA, reflecting the crowning glory energy when in perfect balance and unity. In the fours corners, is the outline of a hand gesture called Purna Hridaya Mudra; the inner heart shape, in red, reflects the open-heart energy necessary for attaining spiritual evolution and positive changes within our DNA and life itself.


Crowning Star

18.5” h x 24.5” w

Mixed Media – Encaustic