During this time of chaos and destruction, we are all negotiating new territory within and without.

The life I live and art I create are both methods of staying centered amidst the turmoil, and hopefully projecting hope into the future… through teaching (yoga, meditation) and contributing artwork, I offer a particular lifestyle and vision to contemplate engaging.

The current art series I’m creating, is entitled ‘New Creation’.

I explore the frequencies of creation, through color, light, imagery and pattern/placement of symbolic imagery. As we come out the other side of major institutional collapse, prior to new structures being established, if we hold the frequencies of love, compassion and oneness, New Creation will reflect interconnection.  If we create from a fundamental belief that we are all one, equal, and interdependent, we can truly nourish the birth and fruition of a Golden Age.

How do we do ground into the wisdom of interdependence?

There are many ways, but I give you my version, within which are many personal choices.  And a key is to remember, you always have choices.
  1. Engage consistent Self-Care practices so you remain centered: good food, holistic body movement, meditation. The focus is to nourish your body, heart-mind and spirit, so you respond to circumstances from a place of knowing, deep within yourself, not habitual fear- based reaction.
  2. Connect with at least one person you trust and love, and is encouraging. Allow them to challenge you to surpass your personal habits and expectations. It may be a spiritual mentor, a coach, a professional or simply a dear friend; someone you can have frank conversations with, and listen/hear their wisdom with regards to where you may be stuck, and how you might step up to realize your greatest potential.
  3. Spend time in Nature, to contemplate the beauty of Gaia, the Earth that supports all life. At this crossroads, it is necessary to turn around the habits that continue to destroy our life support systems: Earth, Water, Air.  Take time to ask Gaia/yourself what you can do to help turn the tide and restore the life energies of our dear mother planet, knowing personal and global are intertwined.
  4. Embark on/continue the journey of self-discovery, as you consciously contribute to a New Earth, in a way that creatively taps into your inherent gifts. How do you best express love in a way that gives you Joy? Such an amazing question to contemplate and engage the most auspicious ways to contribute to raising the frequency from which you make decisions – this is the foundation of creating a loving, peaceful world within which all life is sacred.

Creating art is a potent way for me to envision the future I desire, and share that with others.  So here are a few creations that I hope will inspire your love and respect of nature – within and without.


Title:  Day Realm

Creation Series Inspiration art Debbie Mathew

Size: 11.8” h x 31.3” w                  

Price: $695

Media: Encaustic & mixed media (images, beads, crystals, & wire) on cradled Panel board

A backdrop of alizarin orange tones reverberates the sunny, fiery energies of creation.  The central images of water, sprouting vegetation & enigmatic moth (releasing a droplet of love mana), reveal the interconnected nature of all creation. Moth appropriately symbolizes the qualities necessary at this tenuous time: faith, adaptation, vulnerability, transformation, determination and clarity.  During this opportunity of New Earth Creation, the flanking hearts remind us to cultivate the love vibration in order to create the most positive outcome for the planet & all that exist here.

Title:  Night Realm

Night Realm Creation Series Inspirational Art Debbie Mathew

Size: 11.8” h x 31.3” w                  

Price: $695

Media: Encaustic & mixed media (images, beads, crystals, wire) on cradled Panel board

Verdant greens rise from dense to feathery; echoing the reveal that occurs after so much concealment.  The path of humanity on this Earth is shifting to one of less density; an extraordinary opportunity to shift to a higher dimensional frequency is inherent within these times of unfolding new creation. The mysterious night moth, representing death & afterlife, releases a droplet of elixir into the waters below, giving rise and hatching Earthly plants, the original food for all subsequent creation.  The moon as celestial body, is a detail of the vast night sky depicted in the constellation map. Celestial energies preside as humanity transitions into more loving, interconnected energies, attuned to the subtle frequencies unifying all life.

Title:  Raising Equipoise

Inspirational Creations by Debbie Mathew

Size: 19.3” h x 19.3” w                   

Price: $775

Media: Encaustic & mixed media (images, beads, crystals, wire) on cradled Panel board

Blues are the emotional waters we must navigate within a lifetime; especially now at this time of great change.  Raising up from the depths that threaten to submerge our voices, our intuition… we locate and initiate anew, the sanctity of all creatures, all life. We claim the night, our shadows, and find balance and integrity, to speak the truth.  Recognizing the wholeness within, our interconnection with all that is, we choose and live from that truth. The seeds of change to create the New Earth are within humanity; look to the heavens, adore the earth and live from the knowing that we are all one.


I wish you peace and balance as we all navigate these turbulent times, and hope the imagery in these works inspire you towards living in the space of equanimity.

For those of you who don’t know, my other profession is teaching yogic practices, which I’m now offering as a series of online classes, engaging mudras, breathing & postures to nourish your inner light and cultivate deep wisdom, helping you cultivate balance. You can find out more here: https://yogaoasis.biz/events/