Night Realm


Verdant greens rise from dense to feathery; echoing the reveal that occurs after so much concealment.  The path of humanity on this Earth is shifting to one of less density; an extraordinary opportunity to shift to a higher dimensional frequency is inherent within these times of unfolding new creation. The mysterious night moth, representing death & afterlife, releases a droplet of elixir into the waters below, giving rise and hatching Earthly plants, the original food for all subsequent creation.  The moon as celestial body, is a detail of the vast night sky depicted in the constellation map. Both celestial energies preside as humanity transitions into more loving, interconnected energies, attuned to the subtle frequencies unifying all life.



Title:  Night Realm

Size: 11.8” h. x 31.3” w.                  

Price: $695

Media: Encaustic & mixed media (images, beads, crystals, wire) on cradled Panel board