6-pointed Star Buddha


Buddhism, like many spiritual traditions, focuses on refining our energetic resonance through clearing and activating the subtle energy centers, (chakras) along the spine. Within the subtle outline of the Buddha’s physical form, the chakra centers are illuminated with color coded crystals. The Buddha meditates within the structure of a 6 pointed star.

The star is a combination of an upward and a downward pointing triangle. The upward symbolizes the movement of material energies upwards. The downward point references the downward movement of ethereal energies. They overlap, forming a perfectly shaped star. This 6 pointed star shape symbolizes the spiritual heart and all of it’s refined qualities: compassion, joy & heart-centered wisdom

The key colors of this artwork, green and red, are those aligned with the heart center. The presence of the lotus flowers, is a reminder of every humans’ potential: we begin in ignorance and innocence, and through life experience, have the potential to transform from our muddy, cloudy origins, into a blossom of incredible beauty.

The various practices of meditation are key to this transformation. In the stillness of meditation, we can become aware of our energetic connection to the Earth and the Heavens. This is the foundation of also knowing our inter-relatedness to all life, and its sacred qualities.


6-pointed Star Buddha

Size: 17.5” x 17.5”
Mixed Media