Raising Equipoise


Blues are the emotional waters we must navigate within a lifetime; especially now at this time of great change.  Raising up from the depths that threaten to submerge our voices, our intuition… we locate and initiate anew, the sanctity of all creatures, all life. We claim the night, our shadows, and find balance, and integrity to speak the truth.  Recognizing the wholeness within, our interconnection with all that is, we choose and live from that truth. The seeds of change to create the New Earth are within humanity; look to the heavens, adore the earth and live from the knowing that we are all one.



Title:  Raising Equipoise

Size: 19.3” h. x 19.3” w.                   

Price: $775

Media: Encaustic & mixed media (images, beads, crystals, wire) on cradled Panel board