Heart Of The Buddha


The faint outline of a meditating Buddha is centered within a large heart. Along the vertical axis of the Buddha’s body, are the illuminated chakras, the colors of which resonate the rainbow energies represented by colored crystals.  Beginning with the red root of Earth energies at the base of the spine,the colors transition through orange (pelvis), yellow (solar plexus), green (heart), blue (throat), and violet (3rd eye) to opalescent at the crown.

Meditation practices are key to recognizing and correcting imbalances in the subtle body; this is important because energetic imbalances eventually materialize into physical, emotional and mental disturbances. Even though all humans eventually grow old, get sick and die, our perception and response to these experiences changes radically through heart-centered practices.

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Heart Of The Buddha

Size: 17.5” x 17.5” |

Mixed Media