Door of Equanimity


Primarily blue tones, a flowing, water-scape gives birth to an ancient door, a golden heart at the center. A radiant lace-like circle of DNA surrounds the door; DNA is the quantum aspect of humans that organizes and up-levels through meditation. The keyhole is at the center of the heart, symbolizes love & compassion. Dolphins are human kin & the repository of social intelligence; keys symbolize access to the portal of living from a space of equanimity. Both symbolic objects are studded with crystals, the substance that can be encoded with vast amounts of knowledge. They exist in balance of 2 x 2 = 4, the ultimate quantity creating stability, equilibrium, and equanimity.



Door of Equanimity

Framed Size: 10.75“ h x 10.75“ w
Encaustic & Mixed Media