Liberation ~ Manifestation


The predominating vertical format aligns with our upright human stature; within are 7-stacked circles, intended to resonate with the seven energy centers, the Chakras, within our body. The focus within each are the subtle energies of each, depicted by vibrating color and lines of beads, shaped in energetic ‘patterns’. The red, root chakra at the base, signifies grounding earth energy; the beaded line is in the shape of a mountain, pointing up to indicated the movement towards the 2nd energy center. This orange colored center has 3 horizontal wavy lines, a similar ideogram used by native peoples to represent water, the element of emotions connected to this center. Next is the solar plexus chakra, golden like the warm sun that gives us fire and energy to digest and act. The beaded lines emanate out to the 4 corners. Continuing upwards, is a green central circle, referencing the heart chakra; it has 6 spiraling beaded lines emanating from its’ center, expressing the heart’s potential for openness. Green is a color of life, healing and love. The circle above is the throat chakra and our potential for creative expression, deep listening and truth telling; blue reflects sky and space for that communication to be clear and healing. Above that is the violet colored circle and 2 petals unified in the center; as the 3rd eye of wisdom, intuition and right perception, this energy allows us to imagine and create our life. At the top, is the iridescent bronze crown chakra, with a single spiraling energy above, indicating both movements up and down, as we connect to heavenly energy.

The circles are images of DNA linked together to create a pattern, akin to our DNA that resonates in response to both internal and external energies. I’m suggesting a relationship between the vibratory level of each chakra and the health/resonance of our DNA.

The side panels, a deep cosmic blue, are hands, pointing upwards on the left, and downwards on the right; these reflect the movement of Liberation upward, and Manifestation downwards. Veined gold leaf images at the bottom reference life on planet earth, and Kapota mudra, a hand gesture of peace at the top, reflects divine energy we aspire to as we integrate more refined qualities of being human. It is the highest energy we can aspire to. As we proceed through our life, we must balance the Liberation and Manifestation energy currents.

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Liberation ~ Manifestation

Size: 36.5” h x 12.3” w
Mixed Media – Encaustic